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#ukraine #kyiv #glory #heroes #memory #graffiti (в Бульвар Лесі Українки)

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#ukraine #kyiv #scenery (в Ocean Plaza - Океан Плаза)

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OFFICIAL] F(x) Luna – Concept Photos For ‘Red Light’ 

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Sight 2014/06/14 by flymola on Flickr.

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I love you like spiders and
dust and not breathing. I
love you like very high
heights. I love you like old
empty houses. What I mean
is that I love you so much
it scares me. What I mean
is that I love you so much
it kills me.

—  like thunder and house fires and drowning.  (via owji)

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Thick Thighs Save Lives

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Charlie Cooper for Topman Spring/Summer 2014 | Photographed by Laurence Ellis

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Stop acting
so fucking wounded.
The only person
that can pick you up,
push back your shoulders,
wipe the tears,
mend the broken bones
and get you out of your slump
is you.
Now go and live,
there is so much to be
happy about.

—  "Things I tell myself when I feel as though the world is too big for me" - e.m.f.p (via cudah)

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M.I.A. by Liz Johnson-Artur

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Zelo Blossom | Do not edit or remove logo.

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